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Facebook announces the creation of a human-minded Rust Band – adzjobs
March 6, 2020


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Facebook announces the creation of a human-minded Rust Band

Facebook has confirmed that they intend to create a human-made hand band.

On September 23, Facebook announced the purchase of the CTRL Lab, which led to the mega wigs of the decision in the world of media and technology.

The CTRL lab was working to create a human-minded rust band, founded by Internet explorer Thomas Reardon and neurologist Patrick Kfosh, Facebook paid him a billion dollars. Have bought

This is the second-largest purchase in the history of Facebook before Mark Zuckerberg bought Oculus VR company in 2014 for $ 2 billion.

Previously, engineers at CTRL Lab have developed a rost band design that allows the human mind to control other devices, thereby evaluating the signals of rust band brain neurons and transmitting them to digital signals. Which the Rust Band will understand.

The company plans to develop a technology that will guide the computer through brain signals.

After purchasing the CTRL Lab, Facebook has said that they want to develop innovative technology that can read signals sent to the brain, which will know its intentions before it can act.

Facebook has not yet specified how they will use this data as it can be very dangerous if it goes into the wrong hands.

Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook’s VR and IR department, outlined the reason for the lab’s purchase, saying that through the Rast band, humans can gain more control over their digital lives.

He said that the neurons in the spinal cord are said to act on different organs, as the right hand directs them to press the mouse or keyboard key.

Rist band will read these signals and convert them to digital signals that the device can understand and humans can control different devices only by thinking.