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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are once again in trouble – adzjobs
March 6, 2020


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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are once again in trouble

Social networking sites Facebook and its other applications WhatsApp and Instagram have once again become malfunctioning and consumers are experiencing difficulty using them.

According to a report, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp servers, the most popular applications among consumers, have been facing problems worldwide due to the recent downloads.

While users have difficulty logging in to their account, sharing a post or posting, there have been numerous complaints about Facebook on the famous website Download Detector.

Some users have reported that they have seen posts from people who are not even on their friends’ list.

There has not yet been a report on whether consumer issues have been resolved or not.

Meanwhile, 59% of users worldwide face problems in the Facebook news feed, while 25% of users are unable to post anything on social media and send media files.