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The WhatsApp will soon be black – adzjobs
March 6, 2020


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The WhatsApp will soon be black

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app through the Internet, has decided to introduce new features to its users.

The company is introducing options for users to add dark mode, new emojis, new wallpapers and automatically delete messages.

WhatsApp will also soon introduce the Dark Mode feature, which is in the early stages of the trial, according to a report by WA Beta Info, a mobile app monitoring company.

Dark mode will be introduced initially for Android and iOS mobile phones. Using the Dark mode will cost less battery and activate it in the chat setting.

New emojis

WhatsApp has also decided to introduce six new emojis for its users. New emojis feature automatic and simple wheelchairs for disabled men and women.

Wallpaper setting

At this point, users have to change the background image from the wallpaper setting by going into the chat setting but this will not happen in dark mode. Under the new feature, the display option will be introduced which will change the background image.

Automatically delete messages

This feature is being tested in the beta version, which will allow any message to be deleted at a specific time.

Using this option will give the user the option to set a time to delete any message. In addition, consumers will also have the option to choose one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year.

If users select one hour, the message will be automatically deleted from the recipient one hour after sending the message.